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All about the start-up process, the battery, and the Tilde Pro® pads.


All about the start-up process, the battery, and the Tilde Pro® pads.


All about headset connection types, and audio-related issues.


All about the headset use with softphones and video conferencing apps.



All about the Orosound Link app and software updates.


Explore Orosound’s documentation

Discover all the valuable resources within the customer support section to maximize your Tilde® Pro headset experience.

  • To ensure your Tilde Pro® headset is up-to-date with the latest software version, simply download the Orosound Link application for free.
  • For optimal usage of your Tilde® Pro headset, consult the user guide or download the full guide to buttons and indicators.
  • To set up your Tilde® Pro headset with default Bluetooth or USB connection, please refer to the audio-related support.
  • To configure your Tilde® Pro headset for your softphone or video conferencing application, please refer to our configuration guide.

Carry out software updates

Orosound Link Application Update

After downloading the Orosound Link application on your computer, ensure that the application is up to date by visiting the Update tab > OROSOUND LINK section. If a new version of the application is available, simply click on the “Update” button.

Orosound Link : application update

TILDE® PRO headset update

Ensure that your Tilde® Pro headset is up to date with the latest software version by checking the Update tab > TILDE PRO section. If a new software version is available for your headset, update it by clicking on “Update”.

If you have encountered any difficulties with your headset, check if they have been resolved through the update.

Orosound Tilde Pro: headset update


The headset does not turn on


If the headset is fully charged but refuses to turn on (the LED briefly turns green, then blinks red, and the headset turns off), it may be due to an issue with the cushion placement, which might be misaligned or not securely fastened.

  • To check the cushion placement, click the ON/OFF button.
  • If one of the side LEDs on the earcups blinks red for 4 seconds, it means the safety feature is activated. In this case, tighten the cushion on the indicated side to deactivate the safety feature:

If the side LED on the earcups continues to blink red for 4 seconds when attempting to power on the headset, ensure that the cushions are properly aligned, then tighten them once again.


Your TILDE® PRO headset appears to be completely unresponsive even when plugged in via USB for charging (the LED on the ON/OFF button does not light up). If this situation occurs after a prolonged period of headset inactivity or a software update, it is possible that your headset is stuck due to outdated firmware.

To resolve this, unplug the headset and allow it to completely discharge. Depending on the battery level, this process may take up to 24 to 36 hours. Once the headset is fully discharged, reconnect it via USB:

  • If the LED lights up, your headset is unblocked, and you can proceed to update it using the Orosound Link app.
  • If the LED still doesn’t light up, continue discharging the headset and try again later. If the issue persists, please contact customer service.

Note: Please do not confuse this scenario with a brief power-on attempt (green blinking) followed by an immediate shutdown (red blinking), which either indicates a low battery or a cushion issue, or a DFU boot (purple LED) indicating a software fault. In such cases, please contact customer support.

The headset turns off unexpectedly

If your TILDE® PRO headset is turning off unexpectedly:

1 -Check the battery level. A battery percentage sound notification can be triggered by double-clicking the “play/pause” button. If the battery is low, please charge the headset. Note: You can use the Tilde® Pro headset while it’s charging.

2 – Adjust the automatic shut-down setting. You can disable the automatic shut-down feature or increase the delay before the headset turns off in the Orosound Link application.

Orosound Link: auto-shutdown

Battery / Charging Issue

The headset never reaches full charge

If your TILDE® PRO headset never reaches full charge:

  • Ensure that the headset is up-to-date with the latest software version via the Orosound Link application.
  • Then, put the headset on charge while keeping it powered on.
  • Wait until it reaches full charge (equal to or greater than 95% for a new headset).

If the maximum charge remains below 80% even after updating the software and charging the headset while it’s powered on, please contact customer support.

The headset is no longer charging

The Tilde® Pro headset appears to never reach its full charge (> 95%), even after several hours or even days of charging. In this case:

  • Update the firmware of your Tilde® Pro headset via the Orosound Link application.
  • Once the update is completed, charge your Tilde® Pro headset while keeping it powered on.
  • After about ten minutes, your Tilde® Pro headset will once again reach its full charge.


The headset does not turn on with the over-ear pads.

For versions prior to 1.5.0 of the firmware, Tilde® Pro headsets were not equipped with the optimized software for switching between on-ear and over-ear pads. Therefore, a software update is required for versions earlier than 1.5.0 to ensure the headset’s algorithm automatically adapts to the cushion type, enhancing active noise cancellation (ANC) and equalization (EQ) performance.

If you wish to switch to circumaural cushions:

  • Perform a software update on Orosound Link with your headset in on-ear configuration.
  • Switch the cushions to install the over-ear cushions.
  • If your headset does not power on, refer to the section ‘headset doesn’t start correctly’.

The on-ear cushions are causing discomfort to my ears.

If the on-ear cushions are causing discomfort, the over-ear cushions eliminate this issue by redistributing the contact surface around the ear. The adaptable design of the Tilde® Pro headset allows for interchangeable cushion types.

It is possible to purchase a pair of over-ear cushions as an accessory:

  • Contact your usual retailer for procurement.
  • Perform the Tilde® ro headset update before changing the cushions.


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