Orosound Link Support

All about the Orosound Link app and software updates.


All about the start-up process, the battery, and the Tilde Pro® pads.


​All about headset connection types, and audio-related issues.


All about the headset use with softphones and video conferencing apps.



All about the Orosound Link app and software updates.


Explore Orosound’s documentation

Discover all the valuable resources within the customer support section to maximize your Tilde® Pro headset experience.

  • For optimal usage of your Tilde® Pro headset, consult the user guide or download the full guide to buttons and indicators.
  • For any questions regarding Tilde® start-up, battery, or pads, please refer to the headsets assistance page.
  • To set up your Tilde® Pro headset with default Bluetooth or USB connection, please refer to the audio-related support.
  • To configure your Tilde® Pro headset for your softphone or video conferencing application, please refer to our configuration guide.

Application Installation


Download Orosound Link for free from our dedicated application page.

Important information: If the previous version of the application is installed on your computer, please uninstall and remove it before proceeding with the download.

An antivirus is blocking the application download.

Can I still download it? As long as you receive download links directly from Orosound, these links are certified to be 100% free of malicious software. Our applications are hosted on highly secure servers.

Depending on your antivirus software, the security policy of the network your computer is on, and the extent of your permissions on the computer, you might need to:

  • Force the antivirus to download the application,
  • Add an exception for trusted domain names,
  • If necessary, request assistance from your network administrator to perform the download or installation on your behalf.


Using Orosound Link

Connecting the Tilde® headset

Once Orosound Link is installed, connect your Tilde® Pro headset to your computer using the USB cable.

The “Tilde Pro” tab and its “Info” sub-tab provide all key information about your headset, such as the currently installed software version, serial number, battery level, etc.

The other sub-tabs (“System”, “Audio/ANC”, etc.) grant access to additional functionalities and settings, such as automatic headset shutdown, preserving or not the ANC level upon shutdown, and analog telephony levels.

Orosound Link: Tilde Pro information

The Tilde® headset is not detected by Link.

Headsets with firmware versions prior to v1.4.4 are not detected by the Orosound Link application. It is necessary to manually update your headset before using the application. This procedure only takes a few minutes:

  • Download the firmware v1.10.1 that enables recognition by the application.
  • Update your headset with firmware v1.10.1 by following the manual update procedure (3min).
  • Once the update is completed, connect your headset to your computer via the USB cable.
  • Launch Orosound Link and perform the latest available firmware update with a single click.


Orosound Link is blocked by my firewall/antivirus.

  • Disable your firewall/antivirus.
  • If necessary, get in touch with your network administrator.


Orosound Link is unable to connect to the server

  • Check your internet connection.
  • If your network uses a proxy, make sure it’s properly configured in the application.
Orosound Link: proxy settings
Orosound Link : application update

Tilde® Pro headset update

Ensure that your Tilde® Pro headset is up to date with the latest software version by checking the Update tab > TILDE PRO section. If a new software version is available for your headset, update it by clicking on Launch.

Orosound Tilde Pro: headset update

Issues encountered during headset update

The update process appears to never complete (flashing purple LED).

Your headset is unable to restart on its own. In this case, you just need to:

  • Restart the headset manually by pressing the power button once,
  • Then allow the headset some time to complete its update process.


An error message indicates that the connection has failed.

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet,
  • Ensure that no antivirus or firewall is blocking Orosound Link,
  • If you are using a proxy, refer to the Link Application Update section for guidance.


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