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Listen to the sounds that matter
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And tune out the rest

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Experience a new generation of noise-cancelling earphones. With their noise-filtering patented technology, Tilde earphones let you enjoy the sound you need in total peace, no matter where you are.

Tilde acoustics noise filtering headphones by Orosound
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Bluetooth 4.2

Multiple device connection, 15m range

20h Battery Life

Battery life up to 20h, 2-hour rapid charge

Voice Control

Compatible with Androïd and iOS voice commands


HD Audio

Noiseless and wireless music and telephony


360° Voice-Filtering


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Hear only the voice of the person you are facing in a 60° cone while reducing ambient noise in the remaining 300° around you.



Adjustable Noise-Cancellation


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With Tilde earphones, adjust noise from 0 to 30 dB at the move of a slider. Enjoy silence or stay connected to your surroundings.


Tilde acoustics noise filtering headphones by Orosound


Wireless and noiseless calls


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Six microphones are dedicated to capturing voices while blocking out noise. Phone calls are crystal clear for you as well as for your interlocutors.



3 eartips sizes

Silicone and Foam eartips, 3 sizes (S, M, L)


1 USB cable

Universal micro-USB charging cable


1 hard case

Earphones carrying case for Tilde


2 free loops

Colorful free loops to keep cords in position

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For mobile tech people

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Tilde earphones were designed by the French agency eliumstudio for the sake of comfort and style. The earphones are lightweight and ergonomic, you can wear them all day long without even feeling them or having to charge the battery.


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Forget you are wearing earphones thanks to a lightweight design (<50g).

Girl wearing earphone noise cancelling for open space


Find the perfect fit for your ear within the 3 eartips sizes available in foam and silicone.

Girl wearing hypoallergenic headphones noise cancelling


Enjoy the soft touch of the flexible and hypoallergenic neckband.

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At the office, on the commute, on a plane or in a cafe… use your Tilde wherever you are.

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Tilde Earphones

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Do I control Tilde' features with an app?

All the controls are directly integrated into the earphones’ design. There is no need to take your telephone out of your pocket to turn down background noise, switch your music, or take a call.

How efficient is Tilde's noise cancellation?

The noise cancellation is adjustable from 0 to 30 dB at the move of a slider.

How long does the battery life last?

Tilde has a long battery life, up to 8 hours with heavy use (noise management and Bluetooth®) or up to 20 hours with light use (only noise management on).

A New Generation of Noise Cancelling Earphones

Relax in silence, enhance your conversations or choose how much noise you want to hear… With their selective and directional patented technology, Tilde wireless earphones improve your daily life in a world surrounded by noise.

Tilde noise cancelling headphones Orosound

“Huge fan of your work. You guys blew my mind. I cover these types of tech for Tech.co. Look forward to experiencing Orosound again!”

Hartej S.

Hear the world that matters

Tilde wireless earphones are the first to turn active noise cancellation into noise-filtering technology. They let you simultaneously apply different kinds of noise processing systems to different kinds of noise. 

Enjoy enhanced conversations

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Communicate effectively, no matter how loud your environment is. Tilde wireless earphones differenciate voices from ambient noise. They enhance the voice of the person you’re taking to while still blocking out unwanted noise.

Have a 360° sound experience

men in coworking hearing noise cancelling headphones tilde

Focus only on the sounds that you want to hear. Tilde smart earphones allows you to hear only the voice of the person you are facing in a 60° cone, while reducing ambient noise in the remaining 300° around you.

Choose the volume of noise

lady in the street hearing noise reduction earphones
Enjoy quiet times in a noisy world. Tilde’s adjustable active noise cancellation technology lets you cancel up to 30dB of noise so you can totally relax in silence or stay connected to your surroundings.

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High tech earphones, seamless design.

Tilde earphones are comfortable and intuitive, made to be worn all day long. Their complex technology is intentionally hidden behind a seamless design that offers a pleasant user experience.

Pictogram sound means quality music earphones

Hi-Fi sound

Balanced Armature speakers

Pictogram battery innovative earphones

Long battery life

Up to 20 hours

Pictogram phone means earphones calling

Augmented telephony

Wireless and noiseless calls

Pictogram Lightweight noise reduction headphones


40 grams / 1.4 oz

Pictogram bluetooth tilde earphones

Bluetooth 4.2

15 meters range

Pictogram earphones noise reducing comfort


Flexible shape memory

Pictogram connectivity earphones noise reduction

Multiple device connection

Phone, desktop…

Pictogram ergonomic headphone without noise


4 sets of silicone eartips


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