Listen to the sounds that matter

A New Generation of Noise Cancelling Earphones

Time has come for a revolutionary sound experience. With their selective and directional patented technology, Tilde wireless earphones will transport you to a place where only the sound you want matter.

Relax in silence, enhance your conversations or choose how much noise you want to hear…Tilde improves your daily life in a world surrounded by noise.

“Huge fan of your work. You guys blew my mind. I want to test your product with some of my artists and write and video record our experience. I cover these types of tech for Tech.co. Look forward to experiencing Orosound again!”

Hartej S.

A new way to hear the world

Tilde wireless earphones are the first to turn active noise cancellation into noise-filtering technology. They let you simultaneously apply different kinds of noise processing systems to different kinds of noise. 

Enjoy enhanced conversations


Communicate effectively, no matter how loud your environment is.

Tilde wireless earphones differenciate voices from ambient noise. They enhance the voice of the person you’re taking to while still blocking out unwanted noise.

Have a 360° noise-filtering experience


Focus only on the sounds that you want to hear.

Tilde smart earphones allows you to hear only the voice of the person you are facing in a 60° cone, while reducing ambient noise in the remaining 300° around you.

Choose the volume of the outside world


Enjoy quiet times in a noisy world.

Tilde’s adjustable active noise cancellation technology lets you cancel up to 30dB of noise so you can totally relax in silence or stay connected to your surroundings.

High tech earphones, seamless design.


Creating user-friendly products is a key point for Orosound. Tilde earphones are comfortable and intuitive, made to be worn all day long. Their complex technology is intentionally hidden behind a seamless design that offers a pleasant user experience.

Hi-Fi sound

Balanced Armature speakers

Long battery life

8 hours with heavy use / 20 hours with noise management

Augmented telephony

6 mics dedicated to capturing voices


40 grams / 1.4 oz

Bluetooth 4.2

Codec AptX, AAC, SBC, MP3


Flexible shape memory & hypoallergenic materials

Multiple device connection

Phone, desktop…


4 sets of silicone eartips

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