Audio-related Support

All about Bluetooth/wireless connection, and audio-related difficulties.


All about the start-up process, the battery, and the Tilde Pro® pads.


All about headset connection types, and audio-related issues.


All about the headset use with softphones and video conferencing apps.



All about the Orosound Link app and software updates.


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Discover all the valuable resources within the customer support section to maximize your Tilde® Pro headset experience.

  • To ensure your Tilde Pro® headset is up-to-date with the latest software version, simply download the Orosound Link application for free.
  • For optimal usage of your Tilde® Pro headset, consult the user guide or download the full guide to buttons and indicators.
  • To configure your Tilde® Pro headset for your softphone or video conferencing application, please refer to our configuration guide.
  • For any questions regarding Tilde® start-up, battery, or pads, please refer to the headsets assistance page.

Carry out software updates

Orosound Link Application Update

After downloading the Orosound Link application on your computer, ensure that the application is up to date by visiting the Update tab > OROSOUND LINK section. If a new version of the application is available, simply click the “Update” button.

Orosound Link : application update

TILDE® PRO headset update

Ensure that your Tilde® Pro headset is up to date with the latest software version by checking the Update tab > TILDE PRO section. If a new software version is available for your headset, update it by clicking on “Update”.

If you have encountered any difficulties with your headset, check if they have been resolved through the update.

Orosound Tilde Pro: headset update

Bluetooth Connection Setup

Irregular connectivity is rarely caused by a headset defect. In most cases, the limitation lies on the computer’s side. Reviewing settings and/or resetting connections can effectively resolve the situation.

Bluetooth Pairing Configuration

When performing the initial pairing, access your Bluetooth Settings:

1 – Ensure that the “Connected (voice, music)” label is present* next to your Tilde Pro device. This indicates that your headset is available for both communications (HFP, hands-free AG profile) and multimedia streams (A2DP, Stereo profile).

2 – If not, delete the device from your computer and reset the Bluetooth on your Tilde® Pro headset.
Perform a long simultaneous press on the “Play” and “–” buttons when the headset is turned on. A restart of your computer might also be necessary.

*Depending on the Windows version, these default labels may not be displayed. Similarly, depending on the computer and configuration in question, these labels may take several seconds to appear (up to a few dozen seconds in rare cases

Bluetooth Profile Settings

In Bluetooth settings, make sure to choose the ‘Stereo’ profile of the TILDE® PRO headset as your default Windows audio device. To confirm:

  • Perform a left-click on the ‘Windows sound’ icon located at the bottom right of the taskbar.
  • Choose ‘Headset (TildePro XX:XX Stereo).

The ‘Hands-Free AG Audio’ profile should be used exclusively in softphone or video conferencing applications such as 3CX, WebEx, Teams, Zoom, etc. For more information on configuring these applications, refer to our audio configuration guide for softphone and video conferencing applications.

Note: Web-based applications (used through your web browser) typically use the default Windows profile, which is the ‘Stereo’ profile. Make sure to adjust your browser’s site settings to ‘Hands-Free’ to allow video conferencing/softphone platforms such as Google Meet, 3CX, etc., to access the microphone and headphones of the Tilde® Pro.

Default Bluetooth Settings

For optimal connectivity, make sure that “Tilde Pro” is set as your default device for both multimedia and communications. This setting is usually automatic, but recurring reconnection issues can be caused by improper configuration of default audio device settings. To check the settings:

  • Right-click on the Windows sound icon located at the bottom right of the taskbar.
  • Go to Sound > Playback tab.
  • Check that the ‘Stereo’ profile is set to “Default.”
  • Check that the ‘Hands-Free AG’ profile is set to “Default Communications Device.”

Upon reconnecting the Tilde® Pro headset, Windows will automatically select the appropriate profiles for each use case

Orosound Link: Tilde Pro headset update

Persistent Connection Issue

If you encounter a problem, try the following tests:

1 – Try connecting your headset to another device.
If the issue occurs on a computer, try connecting it to a smartphone, for instance. If it works properly on the smartphone, then the cause of the malfunction is related to the computer.

2 – Delete the headset as a Bluetooth device on your computer/smartphone.
Reset Bluetooth on the headset by pressing and holding the “PLAY” and “-” buttons simultaneously. A sound notification indicates that Bluetooth has been reset. Restart your computer/smartphone as well as the Tilde® Pro headset, then re-pair the headset with your device.

If, after completing all of these configuration and troubleshooting steps, the connection is still absent, intermittent, or of poor quality: uninstalling/reinstalling Bluetooth on your computer will help clean up the drivers present on the system, which may be interfering with each other and causing issues. This operation is quick (approximately 5 minutes on average) and can be easily carried out by a network administrator.

USB Connection Setup

Default USB Settings

For optimal connectivity, make sure that “TildePro XX:XX USB” is set as your default device. To check the settings:

  • Right-click on the Windows sound icon located at the bottom right corner of the taskbar.
  • Go to Sound > Playback tab, and choose “Headset for phone / TildePro XX:XX USB”.
  • Check the following two options: “Set as Default Device” and “Set as Default Communications Device


Orosound Link: Tilde Pro headset update

Connection Issues

Bluetooth connection is not working on my computer

If you’re experiencing Bluetooth connection issues with your computer and your Tilde® headset, please ensure that your Bluetooth connection is properly configured.

The headset is not recognized via USB

If you are experiencing connection issues with the headset via USB on your computer:

Audio output

The interlocutor can’t hear me

If your interlocutor can’t hear you through the boom microphone or the hands-free kit, please check:


Connecting the Boom Microphone

Visual notification “microphone disconnected”

The notification “microphone disconnected” appears on your video conferencing software (Teams, Google Meet, etc.) when there is a switch of the headset from one call to another. For example, during a dual call: smartphone connected along with another softphone or video conferencing application on the computer.

In this case, after ending the dual call, you simply need to refresh the video conferencing page or restart the application.

Sound notification “please reconnect your microphone”

If you hear the sound notification “please reconnect your microphone” even when the microphone boom is connected, make sure it is properly positioned and magnetically attached to the Tilde® Pro headset.

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