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Choosing the right earbuds and put them perfectly in place is very important both for your comfort and for good noise-cancellation performance. Once the earbuds are correctly chosen and put in place, you can test the noise-cancelling features in a very noisy place such as in the street, a restaurant or on the commute. You should clearly experience noise reduction. 

Choosing the right eartips

Three different sizes (S, M and L) are available both in silicon and foam. The earbuds are appropriate when the ear impermeability is ensured. They should not be too small so noise won’t go through, or too big because they would pop out your ear and create discomfort.

How to put the earbuds in place

To successfully put in place the earbuds in your ears, slip them in the ear canal and make a twist in order to have the rod pointing to your feet.


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You can use Tilde to listen to HD music or make phone calls and videoconferences. Tilde earphones can be paired simulteanously to two devices (smartphone and tablet computer, for example).

To pair Tilde earphones to a device for the first time, push the button on the inside of the right pebble control during 3 seconds. Once the light above the button blinks orange, go to the Bluetooth settings of your device and click on “Orosound Tilde”.

After that, Tilde earphones will automatically connect to your devices.



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Choose how much noise you want to let in with the slider situated on the right side of Tilde earphones:

Slide up to hear everything around you and be aware of your surroundings.

Slide down to gradually reduce ambient noise by up to 30 decibel.


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Use the selective noise-cancelling technology to avoid being isolated from the people around you. The “talk-in-noise mode” let you efficiently hear and talk to the person that is facing you while turning down noise.

Push the button on the inside of the right pebble control to reduce noise by up to 15dB, while filtering the voice of the person that is facing you in a 60° cone. In that mode, you can use the slider to adjust the volume of the voice: slide up to increase the sound, and slide down to reduce it.

Once your conversation is over, just push the button to go back to your previous use (noise-reduction, music streaming…).

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Once your devices are connected to Tilde, you can control your music, phones calls or vocal commands directly on the earphones. Turn up or down the sound level, skip to the next track or go back to the previous one, answer or hang up the phone… Siri and Google Assistant are supported by Tilde earphones. Simply push one second on the middle button situated on the left pebble control to use the feature.

You can use the noise-reduction slider to totally enjoy your music or make crystal clear phone calls.

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Please feel free to have a look at our FAQ or to contact us for any further information needed about Tilde earphones.