TILDE AIR user guide

Getting started with TILDE® AIR


Choosing the right earbuds and perfectly putting them in place ensure your comfort and the best noise-cancellation performance. Once you chose the earbuds that suit your ear canal the best, experience TILDE® noise-cancelling features in a busy environment.

Choosing the right earbuds

You have the choice between two kinds of earbuds: in silicon or the ones made of foam.

Three different sizes – S, M, L – are available.

Put in place the earbuds in your ears

Slip the earbuds in the ear canal and make a twist in order to have the stick pointing down to your feet.



Booting up

  • Start the headset: push down the ON/OFF button
  • Turn off the headset: push up the ON/OFF button

The white light of the ANC slider indicates that the headset is on.

Battery and recharge

TILDE® AIR has a 15h battery life. You can use the headphones an entire day, without having to recharge the product. When the “battery low” indicator blinks red, it is time to recharge the headphones.


  • Recharge: use the micro-USB cable.
  • Battery low: indicator blinks red + sound notification.

It is possible to use TILDE® AIR as they charge.

Bluetooth connection

You can connect TILDE® AIR to two devices at the same time (desktop and mobile phone) using Bluetooth 4.2. Once the first connection done, your devices will automatically connect to TILDE® when booting up.

Bluetooth pairing

First Bluetooth connection: make a long press (3 sec) on the striped button. The LED will light up blue. Go to the Bluetooth settings of your device, click on «Tilde XX:XX».

Bluetooth reset: forgetting the devices previously connected. To reset the Bluetooth, press on the buttons « plus » and « minus » simultaneously for 3 seconds. A notification sound will confirm the reboot.

Telephony and communication

With 8 microphones and the selective noise-cancellation technology TILDE® VOICE FIRST, TILDE® AIR lightweight headset is ideal to communicate wherever you are.


TILDE® AIR can be wirelessly used (Bluetooth 4.2) to make phone calls or videoconferences:

  • Pick up the phone: short press on the (o) button
  • Hang up the phone: long press on the (o) button
  • Quick mute: long press on the « minus » button

Aware+ Mode

The TILDE® VOICE FIRST striped button let you enjoy clear face-to-face conversations no matter the ambient noise:

  • Start a face-to-face talk: short press on the striped button
  • Finish a face-to-face talk: short press on the striped button
  • Management the voice volume: push up/down the slider

Surrounding management

With TILDE® AIR adjustable noise-cancelling, easily find the perfect sound environment to work efficiently or feel better in noisy places. Just use the slider located on the right pebble control to choose how much noise you want to let in.

Active Noise-cancelling

The ANC slider let you choose how much noise you whant to let in. By pushing the slider down you gradually reduce noise by up to 30 decibel.

Aware Mode

The ANC slider let you choose how much noise you whant to let in. By pushing the slider up you gradually increase awareness to hear all your surroundings naturally.

Media management

Once TILDE® AIR is connected to your devices, you can control your media directly on the left pebble of the earphones:  increase or decrease the sound volume, skip to the next track or return to the previous one, enter “silence” mode during phone calls…

Volume management

  • Increase the volume: short press on the (+) button
  • Decrease the volume: short press on the (-) button
  • Silence mode (telephony): long press on the (-) button

Music management

  • Play/pause : short press on the (o) button
  • Next track: long press on the (+) button
  • Previous track: long press on the (-) button