Tilde earphones: technical characteristics

Do I control Tilde' features with an app?
All the controls are directly integrated into the earphones’ design. There is no need to take your telephone out of your pocket to turn down background noise, switch your music, or take a call.
How efficient is Tilde's noise cancellation?
The noise cancellation is adjustable from 0 to 30 dB at the move of a slider.
How long does the battery life last?

Tilde has a long battery life, up to 8 hours with heavy use (noise management and Bluetooth®) or up to 20 hours with light use (only noise management on).

How good is the phone call quality with Tilde earphones?
Phone call quality is a key point for us. Thanks to its 6 microphones dedicated to capturing voices while blocking out surrounding noises, phone calls are crystal clear for the user as well as for the interlocutors with Tilde.

Tilde at work

In what type of work environment can I use Tilde?

Tilde earphones are a real daily tool that have been designed to control the users soundscape in all types of noisy working environments: open-plan or shared offices, co-working spaces, planes during business trips, etc …

Who am I supposed to contact if I plan on buying Tilde earphones for my staff?
You can send us a message in our contact page. Our team will be pleased to answer all of your questions.
Is it possible to have a demo before buying Tilde earphones?

We regularly make demos in French and international professionnal events. Demos in companies can also be organized in France, depending on the availabity of our team.

I want to present Tilde to the person in charge in my company. Who can I get in touch with?
You can send us a message, we will be pleased to answer your questions and send you any materials needed about Tilde and well-being at work.
Can I connect Tilde to my fixed-line phone?

You can connect Tilde to your phone with Bluetooth or use your professional webservice.

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