Tilde Evo

On-ear / over-ear design

​The new generation of headsets that embeds Artificial Intelligence for advanced noise reduction.

Starting from €299 excl. VAT


Orosound Tilde

Tilde® Evo is the new generation of professional headsets by Orosound. This evolution of our product line reflects our deep commitment to innovation and corporate social responsibility (CSR), pillars that we hold at the core of our priorities alongside user experience. We do not just sell a consumable product. We commit, along with our partners, to providing support to our customers throughout the entire lifespan of our products.

Orosound Link

The Orosound Link application provides the user with software updates, headset information, and audio settings management. The application also offers optional “Enterprise” features for businesses.

Orosound Desk

Designed for IT managers, the Orosound Desk application provides real-time insights into deployed headsets, offering a comprehensive understanding of product usage and opportunities for fleet optimization.

Orosound DNA

Orosound is committed to making Tilde® a more sustainable product line, featuring French manufacturing, enhanced durability in design, and end-of-life management solutions.

French Audio Excellence

We aim to create more sustainable products. We are the only French manufacturer of office headsets, but our commitment goes beyond our borders.

We are committed to localized manufacturing, ensuring more responsible production and contributing to the local economy. We are developing a local production strategy for our key markets.

AI for Noise Reduction Benefit

Experience crystal-clear calls, noise-free and fully secured.

Advanced AI-denoising algorithm for calls

Orosound’s denoising algorithms are the result of 9 years of R&D conducted by its innovation division, Orosound Labs. Enabled by Artificial Intelligence, they leverage over a million parameters to tailor to the user’s voice and diminish background noise.

As a result, Tilde® Evo surpasses existing intelligibility and denoising standards in phone call clarity. This cutting-edge headset isolates your voice during calls, ensuring perfect audibility regardless of surrounding noise.

Precision-designed boom mic for voice capture

Tilde® features an innovative gooseneck microphone design, a remarkable feat of engineering that grants exceptional flexibility to the boom-mic, echoing the suppleness of a goose’s neck.

This innovative design allows the boom-mic to be seamlessly positioned directly in front of the mouth, ensuring the utmost accuracy in capturing every single word.

Secure Conversations

Tilde® performs in-headset denoising to reduce background noise and enhance voice clarity during calls. This feature enables users to enjoy high-quality audio calls without having to activate external denoising applications.

By avoiding voice processing in the cloud, Tilde® headsets ensure perfect confidentiality of conversations.

Noise reduction with transparency +

Silence the world, or elevate awareness with unmatched authenticity.

Noise reduction with transparency 

With noise reduction up to -30dB, Tilde® Evo headsets feature one of the market’s leading active noise reduction systems, powered by its digital hybrid ANC with four microphones.

The Aware mode delivers an exceptionally natural experience, faithfully reproducing both the user’s voice and the outside world, thanks to meticulous fine-tuning and the utilization of the market’s most superior MEMS microphones.

Face to face conversation: patented F2F feature

In a world where earbuds have become the norm even during face-to-face conversations, Tilde® exclusive F2F feature emerges as the ultimate match for this new communication trend.

Dive into meaningful dialogues effortlessly, powered by a technology that prioritizes the clarity of your partner’s voice and minimizes distracting background noise.

Tilde® Evo C

Immerse yourself in high-quality music, with enhanced comfort.

High Definition Audio Quality

Orosound wants to prove that professional headsets can deliver HD music quality. With 40mm speakers and less than 0.1% distortion across the audio spectrum, Tilde® Evo offers faithful sound reproduction, highlighting precise and warm bass tones that enhance instrumental tracks.

Combined with highly effective active noise cancellation, Tilde® Evo headsets deliver an exceptional listening experience in all environments.

Superior Immersion in Audio Content

As one of the few over-ear office headsets, the Tilde® Evo C provides superior audio immersion with its encompassing ear cushions, ensuring advanced isolation and comfort.

This enveloping design evenly distributes pressure around the ears, offering lasting comfort for extended wear and reducing acoustic leaks sometimes found in on-ear headsets. Combined with active noise cancellation, it enables optimal immersion in audio content.

orosound tilde evo dock station

The latest technologies and user feedback shape the new range.

Adjustable double headband

“Gooseneck” boom-mic

270° boom-mic: right/left-handed

AI-enabled Noise control

Bluetooth 5.4

Pre-paired dongle

Charging stand

Technical specifications

We’ve enhanced the features our customers love with the latest technologies, and valued their feedback every step of the way. That’s how Tilde® Evo was engineered at our Paris headquarters: essential headset features enhanced with cutting-edge audio advancements.


  • USB Bluetooth Dongle
  • USB-C cable
  • Headset fabric pouch in anthracite gray
  • Charging stand – optional


  • Adjustable double headband
  • Adaptable right/left-handed: 270° boom-mic rotation
  • Flexible boom-mic (Gooseneck technology)
  • Weight (g/oz) : 210g – 7.4oz / 254g – 8.9oz
  • 360° Busy Light 


  • Bluetooth 5.4 multipoint: simultaneous pairing of 2 devices. 10 saved devices
  • Pre-paired USB Bluetooth Dongle
  • Bluetooth range up to 30m in open field
  • Connectivity computers, smartphones and tablets
  • Compatible with all operating systems (OS)
  • Compatible with softphones and video conferencing applications


  • 1000 mAh battery
  • Autonomy: full day playback with ANC enabled
  • Charging: wired with USB-C, Optional charging station
  • Fully charged in 90 minutes, quick charge available
  • Recharge while using
  • Standby mode: wear detect technology


  • 2 digital MEMS microphones on the boom-mic
  • NR and Wind Noise Reduction enabled by Artificial Intelligence
  • Precision-designed boom mic for voice capture: Gooseneck technology
  • Adaptive beamforming
  • Telephone bandwidth: 100 Hz – 8000 Hz


  • Sound control options: ANC ON / ANC OFF / AWARE
  • Active Noise Cancelling: digital hybrid ANC with 4 digital MEMS microphones
  • Aware mode (transparency): natural reproduction of voices and surroundings


  • Patented F2F feature
  • Face-to-Face conversations with clearer voice & minimal noise
  • 2 MEMS microphones
  • Low latency: 8 ms input-output for smooth flowing conversation in real life


  • 40mm speakers
  • Audio codecs: SBC, AAC, audio USB
  • Distortion: THD < 0.1% @100dB SPL
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

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