JLL addressed the issue by analyzing the consequences of a positive experience at work on professionals’ well-being and performance. More than 7300 employees from 40 companies and 12 countries were surveyed for the “Human Experience” study. Here are the key findings.

JLL starts its study with a surprising but smart comparison. “Think of a great app.You can perform your desired task quickly and efficiently, and you feel good about the brand supplying it. The workplace is no different. It creates experiences that both affect our ability to get things done and shape our impressions and memorable moments of an organization.” According to the study, a positive work experience mainly depends upon three priorities for corporate occupiers: employees engagement, empowerment and fulfillment.

1- Employee engagement boosts your productivity
Employee engagement has a great impact on productivity. The study released by JLL particularly observes how workplace design is linked to employee engagement. It is worth noting that the workspaces professionals like the most are those where it is easy to share moments and collaborate, such as coworking spaces.Info well being at work

2- The more empowered you are, the better you collaborate
Empowerment is giving people a sense of control in their working environment. Management and workplace design are two main levers to increase empowerment. An office where it is easy to focus and to be mobile is what makes professionals collaborate and feel good at work.Info working environment

3- Want to be happy at work? Make your job fulfilling!
A positive experience at work is especially due to employee recognition and to the ability for professionals to learn and boost their creativity. Once again, management and workplace design play a big part in it. That’s probably why specific roles with full time dedication to the employees’ well-being and work experience -like Chief Happiness Officers- become a primary challenge for companies.Info management, workplace and Chief Happiness Officers

So if you want to have happy and productive employees in your workplace, start by working on a positive work experience. The future of real estate is more human than you think!