The Sun – Tech Show Sneak Peek CES 2017

The Sun – Tech Show Sneak Peek CES 2017

01/03/2017. Orosound was featured in The Sun a few days before attending CES 2017.


Tech Show Sneak Peek CES 2017

Check out the cool, innovative and downright crazy products which are about to set the tech world alight. IT’S the biggest event in the tech calendar and excitement is already building. The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in January and will see the biggest names in the industry descend on Las Vegas.

While you can expect to see some of the best-known technology companies showcasing all their latest wares at the show, you can also be sure to see heaps of upcoming brands and startups with innovations you’ll have never dreamed of before.

The Sun Online got a sneak peak at some of this ground-breaking innovation at a preview event in Paris, called CES: Unveiled. Here’s some of the best gadgets we saw at the pre-show, including wearables, textile tech and smart home devices galore – all of which you can expect to be see much more of in 2017.

OroSound: selective hearing

OroSound is basically a pair of earphones that give you the super power skills of selective hearing.

Featuring some new patented technology, the earphones promise to deliver the world’s best noise cancellation via directional and selective technology, which uses eight microphones, and balanced armature speakers to give the wearer the ability to hear just what’s in front of them, or choose how much background noise is leaked into their ears on top of any current playing tracks.


“Tech Show Sneak Peek CES 2017” by Lee Bell




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February 23, 2017