Our acoustic engineer Matthieu does not start the working day doing the Haka and the company is not moving to New-Zealand…

The name Orosound has a story. You might already know it but it seems to have a few surprises in store.

When talking about the name Orosound, the first thought is always for the “golden sound”. But in fact, it is all about well-being and inspiring travel destinations. In English, the adverb “sound” means “healthy” but the noun also refers to a “sea sound”. It should come as no surprise that the New Zealander Milford Sound is the place Pierre used to go to get a little peace and quiet a few years ago.

Connection with nature is the D.N.A we share with Māoris. They believe Nature and Humans are one. Therefore, they particularly take care of wild spaces where it’s simple to relax and recharge. You can tell by the fact that the New Zealander river Whanganui is a legal person with all rights and duties since March 2017. It took almost 150 years to a local Māori tribe to have the river considered as a unique human being.

Wondering what else do Orosound and Māoris have in common? It purely is a linguistics connection. Recently, we found out that “Oro” is both the noun “sound” (the one you hear) and the verb “to resound” or “to echo” in Māori language. We were thrilled to notice that it is connected to acoustics, the field we are experts in.

So even if we live more than 19.000 kilometers apart from New-Zealand, our connection with Māoris and their amazing culture is strong.