What happened at ExpoProtection: a gold trophy, a nomination as a “Public’s Favorite Start-up,” and a lot of interactions with professionals concerned about well-being at work.

Every two years ExpoProtection, the exhibition of prevention and risk management, brings together the best international specialists and presents the most innovative equipment and solutions for well-being at work. These three days are  dedicated to the quality of life at work, risk management, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

In 2016, Orosound participated for the first time in this event. Based on the startup village, our team introduced and tested Tilde earphones to manage ambient noise, to improve concentration, and to increase well-being in the office while allowing the user to stay connected to their environment.

At this event, Orosound won the 2016 Gold Trophy in the category “Occupational, Natural and Industrial Risks”. This trophy was decided by two juries made up of 22 expert users who reviewed 80 different startups and major accounts’ products before choosing Tilde as a winner. We also won the Startup Pitch Contest organized by ExpoProtection where we were elected “Public Favourites”.

More importantly, these 3 days were an opportunity to talk about well-being at work, to discover innovative technology, and to present our solution to the issue of noise in the workplace.

In short, it was a great success for Orosound! Let’s see what happens in 2018!