Orosound will be present from November 30th to December 2nd at the 2016 Business Real Estate exhibition (SIMI), next to Sogeprom whose ambition is to transform working methods through innovative solutions.

SIMI is the main business meeting for the actors of companies real estate in France. This event brings together more than 23,000 professionals and 440 exhibitors. It is an opportunity to discuss the investment challenges in real estate as well as a variety of company issues through more than 60 debates and conferences dealing with the evolution of commercial real estate.

One of the most important issues for this sector is noise pollution at the office. Today, more than 80% of professionals suffer from noise at the office. The real estate sector seeks solutions that are sustainable and adaptable. Our intelligent noise management headphones present such a solution. As a real work tool, Tilde is an innovative and personalized solution for all office workers suffering from everyday noise pollution.

Sogeprom new workplaceSogeprom is a real estate developer and a subsidiary of the General Society (Société Générale). In line with their e+ project initiative, Sogeprom is looking to transform working methods by adopting an innovative vision. They want to maintain and create good business practices that increase well-being at work. After testing our earphones, Sogeprom was seduced by our innovation dedicated to the well-being of employees and decided to equip Sogeprom employees at their new headquarters Ampere e+ with Tilde.

Meet Sogeprom and Orosound from November 30th to December 2nd at the SIMI, stand B47 – Hall 1 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.