We got the pieces for our first prototypes in the mail last week, right on schedule. It feels so good to finally have all the parts in our hands!

We tried lots of ergonomic designs and materials until we came up with something that felt, sounded, and looked just right. Then, to make sure even the smallest mechanical pieces worked perfectly, we made our preliminary prototype twice as big as it would eventually be. When we were satisfied with the big version, we started production on the real prototypes. We had our mechanical pieces and casing made out of transparent plastic using stereolithography, so we can see exactly how everything fits together and works inside the earphones.

Earphones prototypes from Orosound

Now that we have all the life-size pieces, our production manager Martin has started putting them all together. He’s taking full control of the process so that he can make sure that everything fits and runs as smoothly as possible.

Production manager prototype

When they’re ready, it’ll be your turn to try them on and test them out!