After testing out dozens of designs and getting some great feedback from all of you, we’ve decided on a logo that we’re thrilled with.

If you’re one of the wonderful people who voted for our original four options, thank you again! Your comments helped guide our design choices and helped us choose a logo that truly reflects who we are.

You might have noticed that the final logo is very similar to one of the options we asked you to vote on. And with good reason: it’s based on the logo that over 65% of you preferred. However, the design of the second “O” has evolved a bit. We opted to split it into halves diagonally instead of vertically, both to avoid confusion (a few of you read the original version as Orcsound—whoops!) and also to reflect the origin of our company name.

When people hear “Orosound,” a lot of them interpret it as “golden sound,” since oro means gold in some languages. We love that association, but it’s only one of the meanings of our name. When our cofounders Pierre and Eric sat down to come up with a name, they wanted to evoke well-being and serenity. They asked themselves where they felt happiest and most at peace. For Pierre, the answer was simple: the Milford Sound, a gorgeous body of water in New Zealand where he used to love to take walks. Sound for them, meant not only noise, but also water and well-being—doubly so because, as an adjective, it can also mean healthy and secure. The Oro comes from a strait in Denmark called the Øresund, near where Pierre did his master’s degree in acoustical engineering.

Thank you so much for helping us make this important decision—and for guiding us to a logo that we like better than anything we started with!