Last year, Orosound was a finalist in the annual national competition iLab’s, “up and coming” category. This year, we’re finalists for the second time in iLab 2018.

In collaboration with Bpi France, the Ministry of Research hosts a national competition every year to recognize innovative entrepreneurship and encourage the growth of tech startups. The competition rewards France’s best tech projects, supporting them both personally and financially.

For the 18th annual competition, the Ministry of Research focused on technological invention and development. This year’s jury highlighted the increasing need for well-being and concentration in open-plan offices, and our smart earphones’ key role in addressing that need.

The iLab prize awarded to Orosound will finance a study examining the various kinds of noise present in open-plan workspaces and the problems they cause for the people working in those spaces. The information we gain from this study will allow us to further develop our noise control technology. We’ll be able to adapt our earphones to the different acoustic environments of open workplaces automatically, and we’ll provide businesses with tools to better understand and react to workplace noise in real time.