Orosound joined the well-being real estate incubator Immowell Lab. About fifty innovative companies that share the ambition of improving well-being in real estate are now part of this French incubator. Immowell Lab helps them grow their businesses.

The well-being market is flourishing. It already represents in its entirety a turnover of 2000 billion dollars including all the standard wellness activities. But what Immowell particularly cares about since 2015 is well-being in the real estate. For the accelerator: “occupant well-being is a major source of innovation in the real estate sector”. That is why Immowell Lab started to bring together startups with decision-makers around key topics related to well-being and real estate.

By late 2016, Impulse Partners got to discover Tilde earphones and Orosound was selected by Immowell partners to be part of its community. Orosound aims at improving well-being at work with an innovative solution to the problem of noise at the office.

We are thrilled to be part of this incubator that supports us in the identification of major occupants’ needs and the development of partnership with real estate professionals.