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Meet Orosound, a French technology startup that will be at CES 2017


Orosound is a technology start-up driven by the desire to put acoustics to work for people. Its new patented technology is embedded in smart earphones. With the world’s best noise cancellation, a new patented directional & selective technology, 8 microphones, and balanced armature speakers, Tilde earphones will instantly transport you to a place where only the sounds you want matter. Are you ready to enjoy a 360° crystal clear sound experience?

A new patented technology that goes beyond noise cancellation

Tilde earphones by Orosound are the first earphones to turn active noise cancellation into real noise management technology. Not only is their noise cancellation fully adjustable, but their patented selective and directional technology can eliminate unwanted noise while enhancing the sounds you want to hear. Tilde earphones process noise differently according to the type of sounds they detect as well as the direction those sounds come from, so users can personalize their acoustic environment according to their needs in real time.

Key features


Between 100 Hz and 10 kHz, Tilde’s noise cancellation is more powerful by up to 10 dB than leading noise cancelling headphones. The noise cancellation is adjustable from 0 to 30 dB at the move of a slider.


A patented selective and directional technology will make you experience 360° noise management with the Talk-in-Noise mode. Turn it on to only hear the voice of the person you’re facing in a 60° cone while reducing ambient noise in the remaining 300° round you.


Tilde wireless earphones have a long battery life up to 8 hours with heavy use (noise management and Bluetooth) or up to 20 hours with light use (only noise cancelling on). They can also be used while charging with any universal micro USB charger.


Tilde combines background noise reduction, echo cancellation, and 8 microphones, into one small device: Tilde. For the first time ever, calls are totally crystal clear to you and to the person you’re talking to.


Tilde can stream high quality audio from any Bluetooth enable devices. HiFi balanced armature speakers make your music sound great. Turn the noise reduction on to fully enjoy your music as purely as it was created.


The controls are directly integrated into Tilde’s design. The right pebble lets you manage the noises around you while the left pebble lets you control all Bluetooth enable devices. No need to take your phone out of your pocket to turn down background noise, switch your music or take your call.

Active noise control is a science of accuracy

Thanks to innovative features, users can personalize what they hear and adapt their soundscape to their needs in real time.

Selective, directional, patented technology

This innovative technology determines the source of the sounds emitted so that they can be processed differently depending on their type and the direction they are coming from. This unique technology means that useful sounds coming from in front of you, can be separated from unwanted noise from all directions.

With the Talk-in-Noise mode, during a discussion with a colleague sitting opposite, the user can reduce the background noise by 12 dB without affecting the other person’s voice.

Adjustable noise reduction

The earphones give the user the option of adjusting the volume of the noise from 0 to 30 dB using a slider. This function makes it possible to modulate noise, putting users in charge of their sound spaces. By adjusting the slider, users can isolate themselves completely from their environment by cutting out all noise or select the volume of the noise, just as they would for music.

The partner of well-being

Noise-related stress and fatigue are a thing of the past! Orosound’s patented technology facilitates discussions in a saturated sound environment with its Talk-in-Noise mode, makes it possible to make more effective phone calls with its eight microphones and echo and occlusion cancelling systems, and lets you listen to music in Hi-Fi quality or connect to any Bluetooth device, all while making it possible to work independently and in isolation for a focused productive day.

With Orosound earphones, users chooses what they want to hear. A smart way to stay connected to your environment, without having to suffer it!

Technical specifications


Height microphones

4 in the earbuds
4 in the control pebbles


Bluetooth 4.2

Wireless calls and music


HiFi Sound Quality

Balanced Armature speakers
Cancellation of the occlusion effect


Lightweight and ergonomic

1.42 oz / 40 grams


Battery life

8 hours with heavy use
20 hours with only noise management


Comfortable all day

Flexible shape memory neckband
Multiple eartip sizes for a customized fit

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