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   Acoustics for well-being at work   
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We live in a noisy world. During a single day, most urban people experience a wide range of sounds in many locations : at home, in transport, and at work. This daily noise exposure plays a part on your emotional and physical health: it can cause stress, fatigue, temper, and hearing loss. At Orosound, we are conscious that everyone needs to find a peaceful balance in this noisy world. That is why we are committed to improving your well-being with our innovative Noise Control Technologies. Our first ambition? To give you control of background noises in your workplace so you can improve your concentration and enjoy serenity at work.


Get rid of stress and tiredness due to unwanted background noises. Enjoy serenity in your workplace


Eliminate noise distractions in your open-plan office. Improve your attention and concentration at work


Now you can focus on your work, and on your work only. Life at work gets better, and so does productivity

   Your earphones for noisy workplaces  
the product

Orosound has developed a breakthrough noise-control technology for noisy workplaces and embbeded it in stylish wireless earphones. These are the first professional earphones designed especially to meet the daily needs of workers worldwide.

The smart earphones give you the chance to control unwanted noise and customize your soundscape at work. In addition to a Hifi sound quality, you can enjoy crystal clear calls, manage the background noise level, cancel all noises, or select to hear only the voice of your workmate. The choice is yours.

No more stress and noise distractions: you can easily improve your concentration and your general sense of well-being. Life at work improves, and so does efficiency.

  • Wideband-audio Mobile Telephony
  • HiFi Sound Quality
  • 192 kHz Audio Sampling
  • Bluetooth 4.1






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   A Revolutionary sound experience  
the tech

Noise control

Specific to open-plan offices

Use our smart technology to reduce unwanted ambient sounds up to 30 dB full spectrum flat attenuation and eliminate continual noise distractions

Smart selectivity

Of useful sounds

Choose the talk-in-noise mode to only hear your workmate’s voice and converse in peace, without bothersome background noise

Crystal clear calls

Wherever your are

Select the directional speech enhancement to hear your voice naturally as if you were not wearing earbuds and enjoy a noise-free conversation

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